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                                                BASIC VINAIGRETTE




                  3 parts Artsy Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil (try the Tuscan Herb EVOO)

                  1 part Artsy Olive Balsamic Vinegar (try the Traditional 25 Star BV)

                  ¼ tsp Artsy Olive Italian Herb Blend, or to taste

                    (You may simply use sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste, if you

                      do not have Artsy Olive Herb Blend)



                    Whisk oil and vinegar (or use an immersion blender to mix really well)

                    until fully mixed.  Add Artsy Olive Herb Blend (or sea

                    salt and fresh ground pepper).  The amount of oil and vinegar will depend

                    on the size of the salad, at a 3 to 1 ratio.


                    This vinaigrette is great on any salad AND ALSO MAKES AN

                    AWESOME MARINADE.  Try using a Natural Flavor Infused EVOO and

                    Balsamic Vinegar to make an even more flavorful dressing!



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